Insurance Information

Effective May 2011, Dr. Joseph McKeown participates with the following insurance carriers. However, as insurance carriers change and policies are adjusted, we encourage you to call our office at 804-288-0101 and ask specifically about your insurance coverage prior to making an appointment.

  • Medicare

  • Medicare Supplements

  • Medicaid (not HMO Medicaid)

  • Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of VA

  • Cigna HMO and PPO

  • BC Federal Employees

  • United Healthcare PPO

  • HMO Healthkeepers

  • Southern Health

  • Champus-Tricare

  • AARP

  • Aetna US Healthcare

  • Humana PFFS (only)


Will my procedure be covered by insurance?

Cosmetic procedures are never covered by insurance. Skin cancers and suspicious lesions are covered by most major carriers. Through a careful evaluation with Dr. McKeown and/or a referral from your dermatologist or primary physician, your insurance coverage will be explained to you prior to the procedure being performed.

What should I look into in terms of insurance coverage and eligibility?

Please always ask about your insurance coverage. We will be happy to review your benefits but often even if your card does not require referrals, their may be a stipulation that one is required for a plastic surgeon. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to make your visit with Dr. McKeown seamless.

What happens during an evaluation?

Dr. McKeown will review your pathology or look at a lesion and determine what treatment is necessary. From there, the office manager will be happy to discuss the eligibility and benefits allotted for your particular insurance.

What can I expect post-visit?

You will always be treated like the valued customer that you are. From your initial contact on the phone to your consultative appointment to your surgery and post-op appointments, we will guarantee your satisfaction from a courteous staff and the finest care from a well respected, fully trained and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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