Ear Lobe Repair

Miss your earlobes being the center of attention

An earlobe repair is an in-office 30-minute procedure that allows a patient to have their lobes restored to accommodate wearing earrings after a torn through the earlobe. Heavy earrings, phone use, and age can all contribute to the deformity and/or tearing through of an earlobe. This in-office procedure can get you back into earrings in a short amount of time.

Is an Earlobe repair right for me?

Earlobes that have been pierced can tear through leaving it impossible to wear those favorite earrings. With age, our earlobes can elongate which can leave the pierced hole often distorted. Prolonged wear of heavy earrings or excessive phone use or an overzealous baby may cause a piercing to become too large to hold a stud and, in some cases, may actually tear through the ear. If any of these scenarios describes your earlobe, then allow Dr. McKeown to reconstruct it back to its natural shape. The result allows for a newly refreshed earlobe that can put you back in those favorite earrings!

What happens during an earlobe repair?

Generally, a vertical incision is done cutting through old scar tissue and removing the troubled area. With careful measurement and attention to detail, the earlobe is repaired to give you back a more natural-looking lobe.

What results should I anticipate?

You should anticipate a more natural-looking lobe that will, after proper healing be ready to be pierced, if desired.

What can I expect post-surgery?

Sutures will generally stay in for just 10 days post-op. You will have a small dressing on the site while healing. At ten days, sutures are removed. The earlobe should not be re-pierced for at least 3 months to allow for complete and proper healing. At the three-month mark, you can choose to have the ear properly pierced by Dr. McKeown, who will take careful consideration of offsetting the hole from the scar and working toward symmetry.

Cost of Earlobe Repair

The cost of an earlobe repair will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, surgical complications, and even allergies. Find out more by scheduling a consultation.

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule your consultation for ear lobe repair in Richmond– contact Dr. Joseph E. McKeown and set up your appointment. During your appointment, you will be able to ask questions and bring up any concerns you may have about the procedure. Contact us today to get the look you’ve always wanted!

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