Spider Veins

Tired of those red, purple colors on your legs?

Spider Veins FAQ

Is Sclerotherapy right for me?

Sclerotherapy improves or eliminates the appearance of spider veins by injecting a solution that causes them to collapse and fade from view. Spider veins are small near blue or red unsightly vessels on the legs that become noticeable in warm weather seasons when shorts or beach wear is worn.

What happens during a spider vein treatment?

A typical sclerotherapy session is relatively quick, lasting only about 15-30 minutes. Using one hand to stretch the skin taut, Dr. McKeown will begin injecting the sclerosing solution into the affected veins. Approximately one injection is administered for every inch of spider vein – anywhere from five to 40 injections per session. You will feel small needle pricks and possibly a mild burning sensation. However, the needle is so thin and the solution so mild that pain is usually minimal.

What results should I anticipate?

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At the time of injection, you can anticipate that the vein will disappear before your eyes. Seconds later, they will return as a bruise. Over the next few weeks, your body’s white blood cells will eat away the thromboses and leave your legs alleviated from unsightly spider veins. Depending upon the severity of the veins, subsequent injections may be necessary.

What can you expect post-surgery?

A band-aid is applied to each area after it is finished. Tight-fitting support hose may also be advised to guard against blood clots and to promote healing. After each sclerotherapy session, your veins will appear lighter and less noticeable. Two or more sessions are usually required to achieve optimal results. For the best results, we ask that patients refrain from use of aspirin and aspirin like products, vitamin E and fish and/or garlic oil 7-10 prior to the procedure. Taking these from your diet prior to will decrease your chance of bruising and optimize your result.