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Dedicated to patient care and well being

Dr. McKeown and his staff strive to treat each patient and their family members with the utmost respect, dignity and compassion. Dr. McKeown combines his skill, education and his dynamic personality to allow each patient that needs medical treatment for a skin lesion, skin cancer or abscess to be well informed and put at ease in his very capable hands. Each patient is given the time and knowledge needed to make informed decisions for the best possible outcome.

Lesions and Skin Cancer

lesions_and_skin_cancerLesions that grow, experience color changes, are multiple colors, have ill-defined borders, or are asymmetrical are cause for concern. If you have a suspicious lesion, it may be skin cancer.

Patients who notice a suspicious lesion are encouraged to come in for a diagnosis as soon as possible. Dr. McKeown will diagnose your lesion, determining whether it is benign or cancerous. The lesion will be removed, and a biopsy of the tissue will be performed to evaluate it for cancerous cells.


abscessesAn abscess forms when an area is infected, causing pus to collect. The pocket in which this pus collects is called an abscess.

Abscesses are red and swollen. Because an infection is present, a patient with an abscess may have a fever and may experience chills.

To treat an abscess, Dr. McKeown first creates a very small incision. After this incision has been made, the pus is carefully drained. Antibiotics are then prescribed; they must be taken as scheduled to effectively treat the infection. The abscess will close up over time as it heals.

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