Big Day Prep – Your Panic Free Plan!

Published on March 17, 2015

A milestone birthday party…. a wedding….. a school reunion. Events like these (or any other where you’ll be photographed or come face to face with people whose opinion you value) require a take-no-chances plan for looking as great as possible. Here’s some prepping strategies for three timelines: Six months, six weeks— or (silent scream) six days.

The goal? Whether you have months or mere days to get ready, you will look amazing! To look—and feel—great on a day that really matters, choose the strategy that best fits your time frame.


Sure, it’s early in the game, but if you’re super busy, super organized or just someone who lives by her Outlook or iPhone calendar, it’s never too soon to get started.

Your skin

In the hands of a skilled doctor—equipped with an arsenal of lasers—fine lines, uneven skin tone, acne scars, broken blood vessels, leg veins and even sunspots can all be virtually erased in four to six months. For best results, most of the aforementioned conditions require four to six sessions so you need six months to prep. For subtler skin improvement (with a lower price tag), you can also up the ante on your daily skin-care regimen and incorporate vitamin A (aka a retinoid) if you aren’t already using it. It will take three to six months to see the skin-rejuvenating results. Ask your dermatologist for a prescription-strength retinoid.

Your eyes

Your eyes are often the first place to show the signs of aging. Surgery of the eyelids (blepharoplasty) can remove the excess fat and drooping skin of the upper eyelids as well as minimize bags under the eyes and tighten the lower eyelid skin. The result is a more alert, rested and youthful appearance. Eyelid surgery offers wonderful results in just a few short days but the improvements get even better with time.

Once you’ve cherry-picked the advice you want to follow for your six-month strategy, stay the course until six weeks before your event. At that point, continue with the following line of attack.


Whether you have been following the six-month strategy or are just starting, there is still ample time to get in tip-top shape.

Your skin

If you are already investing in injectables such a Botox or Juvederm—or you feel ready to take the plunge—now is the time to schedule the appointment. Most injections require one to two weeks to take effect, with results lasting three to six months or more, depending on the treatment. Scheduling a visit now gives you enough time to recover if there’s any bruising or swelling, to evaluate the effects and make any adjustments. You may also want to consider splurging on a professional peel with our Esthetician to slough off dead skin and reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. This can be done now, and again two weeks before the event. You may look red and flaky for up to a week post-peel, so plan accordingly. The peels will reveal fresher, more radiant skin over time, guaranteeing you’ll be glowing by the big day.

Your eyes

Consider your eye-lashes. If you’ve noticed they’re getting sparser, think about beginning a course of a (prescription) lash-growth-boosting product. Latisse® can help you get longer, thicker, bolder eyelashes in just 30 days.

Once you’ve selected some tips from the six-week strategy, you’re in good shape until six days before your event. At that point, transition to the six-day countdown (see below).


Your skin

Everyone’s skin is different. What works best for one person may not be the right choice for someone else. That’s why you should schedule a consultation with our Esthetician to create a personalized treatment plan for your unique skin. The Esthetician will outline a skin regime that she feels will compliment your goals taking into account products that you like or currently use and supplying samples of items that she thinks will add to your overall skin wellness.

Your eyes

Tinted eyelashes appear clearly longer and more voluminous, as the tinting accentuates the full length of the lashes faded by sun and water. After tinting, your eyes look expressive and attractive for weeks, without having to apply mascara. Eyelash tinting is especially beneficial if you want to go swimming or if you might shed a few tears at your big event.

Last piece of advice? Smile—and be sure someone takes photos. You’ll want to remember looking this gorgeous for years to come!


Dr. Joseph McKeown MD FACS

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